Sunday, April 30, 2017

Northumberland Coast- Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle

Our spectacular drive from Seahouses into Scotland was along the beautiful Northumberland coast. We set out early and drove past Bamburgh Castle as we were far too early for a visit and we had to catch the tide for the drive across the causeway to Holy Island. The Island is cut off twice a day by the fast incoming tide so we needed to make this our first visit.

           We wake up to a spectacular sunrise and watch the fishing boats head out to sea.

                      We made it across ..and also made it back. From time to time some don't!

We can't visit Lindisfarne castle on Holy Island as it is under major repair.

The historic ruins of Lindisfarne Priory. This is where St Cuthbert bought Christianity to Northern Britain. It has been a place of pilgrimage for over 1300 years.

                                                     Gail in the Priory.

                                                      The ruins are very scenic.

                                                                  St. Cuthbert

                                            This is Rob. Not to be confused with a saint!

                                Looking down onto the coast. View from St. Mary's Church.

                                     St. Mary's Church was established by St. Aidan in 635.

Back across the causeway to beat the tide and head back to Bamburgh Castle.

                                  The view from the car as we approach the castle.

As we walk up to the castle this is the view.The castle is called " The King of Castles"

The Great Hall. This is a wonderful castle, very different from the Alnwick Castle seen the day before!

There are treasures of every kind. Furniture, paintings and all sorts of art works.
The castle is owned by a local farmer who resides on his farm nearby! It was purchased by Lord Armstrong the famous inventor, scientist, engineer and industrialist. We saw many of his inventions in a museum.

                                           The view from the castle window.

                                                    Gail with Bamburgh below.

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