Monday, December 1, 2008

Three Days at Sea

Our trip from Dunedin was to call in at Dusky and Doubtful Sounds but the high seas made this impossible. We did however manage to get in to Milford Sound and sail the 8 miles to the beginning of the sound. The sheer walls , waterfalls and wonderful vistas were truly magnificent.

Our trip across to Tasmania has been very rough. The winds were 1 level below hurricane and the seas were over 5 metres swell. One night we could barely stay in our state room as it was so rough. Things bounced off cupboards and we bounced off the bed! Eventually the seas abated to be just rough.

We have spent the morning in Burnie and have looked at the Pioneer Village and wandered round the town.

Tonight we sail for Melbourne.

Tongue Twister from Dunedin/Burnie

How much wood chip could a wood chip ship ship, if a wood chip ship could ship wood chip?