Friday, July 3, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

Catfish enjoying a meal...thank goodness they weren't dogfish
We have lots of photos of sky and trees...and a few eagles
Safe from the predators
The monkey dance

You may think we are going to describe the three local restaurants where we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner today and indeed it was a feeding frenzy of a type. Instead we are going to tell you about feeding frenzies in the animal kingdom, in one of which we became the meal.

We went on an island hopping trip by fast boat and had some fascinating experiences. Our first stop was at the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, the largest fresh water lake in Langkawi, on an island off the coast. According to legend, a fairy princess buried her child who died, in the lake and blessed the water so that any childless woman who swam in the lake would become pregnant. We both enjoyed a swim but soon after, had to rescue a man who almost drowned.

After our swim, we dangled our feet at the edge where hundreds of catfish swarmed over them. They were in a feeding frenzy as they eat the dead skin off your feet. We became the meal.

We zoomed off to a bay where hundreds of eagles congregate and we watched them go into a feeding frenzy on the fish morsels used to attract them. They were so fast, it was very hard to photograph them.

Our final stop was at a beautiful bay where we swam but fortunately there were no sharks in a feeding frenzy.

We saw lots of monkeys at both the islands where we visited but there were signs up not to feed them as it sends them into a feeding frenzy.

When we returned to our tree house, we found the ants were in a feeding frenzy on our packet of savoury biscuits. We probably ate some of them along with our cheese and pre lunch drinks!

For the rest of the day we have been in recovery mode.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sponge Bob Sighted in Croatia

Sponge Bob in Korcula
Sponge Bob in Rab
Sponge Bob in Pag
Sponge Bob in Trogir.

There have been unprecedented sightings of Sponge Bob in the Adriatic region. Just look at the photos.

More about our Treehouse

Our treehouse
Gail on the front balcony taken from the beach

Our treehouse is a wonderful place to recover from a holiday conducted at a hectic pace!

It is, as you may have gathered, up a most treehouses are! It comes with all mod cons and has a living /bedroom area, a bathroom and a front and back balcony.It has air con, a fan, a frig and a TV although we are considering thrrowing it off the balcony to make a bit more room. The back balcony is for leaving your thongs (the type you wear on your feet) and for drying the washing. The front balcony has a tree growing through it but has enough space for the two of us to sit and enjoy a drink, a cuppa or read. It is also a great spot to watch the sunset.

If you want to go we will come with you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lovely Langkawi

We have arrived in Langkawi and settled into our treehouse.... yes that's right, our treehouse. Here am I sitting on the balcony that looks straight over the beach. The resort is very pleasant with a wonderful location right on Pantai Cenang beach. It includes 5 treetop chalets and we are lucky enough to occupy one of them.

So far, we managed a swim and a sleep when we arrived. The sleep was to recover from our overnight flight from Rome made even more difficult because for some odd reason, they could not turn the lights off!

By the time we had our pre dinner drinks on the balcony, and dinner at one of the dozens of small restaurants near the resort, we had almost recovered.

This morning we had another swim and breakfast at a different restaurant. Our plan for today is 2 more restaurants, more pre dinner drinks on the balcony, another sleep and as many swims as we can fit in with our reading.