Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another try to post a video of Condors in flight

Video of Gail with the Condors

Last Stop: Santiago

We are on our way home but decided to break the trip at Santiago mainly due to flight schedules but also to make the final leg a little easier!

We checked into our hotel and strolled up to Plaza De Armas, the main square. It is a happening place with music and people, with the colonial buildings looking great as the lights came on.

Just time for a few photos, take in the music and as the locals finished their ice cream and coffee, we settled down for a very nice last night dinner and some good Chilean wine.

Next stop Sydney.

                                                       The Main Administrative Offices

                                              Post Offices used to be such grand buildings.

                                                                    The Cathedral

                                                          The fountain in the main square

                                                      Gail with the Jacarandas in flower.

                                                          Lots of music and dancing

One of the interesting sculptures in the square. We may stroll up and see it all again in the morning light but depart the hotel by about 10.00 am.