Wednesday, May 3, 2017

End of Trip: Edinburgh and Abu Dhabi

About to sign off till our next trip in August.
On our last day in Edinburgh we visited The Mary King Close It is an underground area of houses that was created when the Royal Exchange was built. They constructed a new ground floor level with the Royal Mile. The houses that were underneath were simply closed off.
It provided an insight into life in a previous era and a good setting for ghost stories.

Having complained about the cold for weeks, despite being told constantly what a great day it was, we hit Abu Dhabi. Yes we complained that it is too hot.We achieved our plan. We had a good night's sleep after the first leg of our return flight, had several swims both in the hotel pools and the Arabian Sea and went to The Abu Dhabi Mall. All that is to do is have a few drinks before we go back to the airport for the final leg home.

Despite our weather complaints we were extremely fortunate. Six weeks of travel in Europe and Britain and we didn't need to put on our raincoats or hunt for our umbrellas even once! It is just as well that we packed them!

                                We enjoyed our several dips in the pools and sea.


Amanda said...

I love that swimsuit cover up.
If you'd left your raincoats at home it would have poured every day!
Amanda xx

Miss Di said...

We have used our parkas and umbrellas. And for me, gloves.